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BIM-Ready Founder:
Dave Pluke - a driving force in A/E/C CAD, BIM and IT

Dave Pluke

Dave has presented at conferences and workshops around the United States, sponsored by CEC-MN, ACEC, ASCE, Autodesk and ZwiegWhite/Stagnito Media.

Dave's Motto: "Never forget the lessons of the past - Never assume you've seen it all."

I am an AutoCAD Certified Professional

BIM-Ready - Putting Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Perspective.

Dedicated to sharing ideas and gathering input on Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the Architecture / Engineering / Construction (A/E/C) Industry. The goal is to forward the adoption and evolution of BIM and the Technology that enables it.

Does your BIM effort need a little boost / check-up?

It only took a few dozen requests (and, a "hurricane" or two) for me to realize that there just might be a need for some consultancy on BIM, Information Technology and "The Cloud" in the A/E/C world.

If you're not satisfied with your firm's current state of BIM, perhaps the view from a fresh set of eyes might be of benefit.

If recent cut-backs have left your firm without Information Technology, CAD or BIM Leadership, replacing it on as as-needed basis can make a lot of sense.

Wondering what all the fuss about "The Cloud" is and what it might mean to your firm? As an independent consultancy, BIM-Ready can help you assess the pros and cons of the available solutions, weeding through the marketing hype and assist you with negotiations and implementation so your firm can benefit from the best the Cloud has to offer.

Take advantage of the expertise that led a small, barely computerized Structural Engineering firm to become a nationally recognized leader in Computer Aided Drafting, Building Information Modeling, Workflow and Project Collaboration.

Need some Modeling help?

Responding to demand, we have begun offering Building Information Modeling services. If you find yourself in need of supplemental (or primary) Revit Modeling, BIM-Ready can help.

Are we the least expensive? Heck, no!

If you want cheap, off-shore it and live with the results.

If what you want is high quality Modeling done in the good old U.S. of A. by experienced Designers who understand the A/E/C Industry and Processes, we're confident you'll see the value in our approach.

To discuss the possibilities, contact Dave Pluke at:

or phone: 612 , 424 . 2804


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